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About the Artist

Haldis Kjomme Lid is an award winning Norwegian visual artist. She grew up in Numedal in Norway, and has since then been living in several European cities -  Berlin, Milan, Paris and Rome among others.  She made her debut as an artist in 2017 with participation in the International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy and has thereafter continued to work internationally.

Kjomme works with many different techniques and loves to experiment. She mainly paints with acrylic paint, often in combination with various media such as. structural varnish, modeling paste, sand, charcoal, metal, oil pins, alcohol ink etc. She paints with several layers and combines different techniques and media so that the expression becomes as unique as possible. 

Kjomme's paintings are often a mixture between fiction and reality and between figurative and abstract art - they often have an existentialist undertone and thematize the mystery and amazement of life. She is concerned with how contrasts and opposites can unite, coexist and enrich us - both pictorially, humanly and socially. Kjomme finds creativity through curiosity - she seeks a varied, dynamic and liberated expression that can open up new perspectives, ideas and way of thinking.

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