About the Artist

Haldis Marie Kjomme Lid is a Norwegian visual artist who grew up in the small village Rollag in Norway. She uses the artist name Kjomme which is a part of her family name and the name of the farm where she grew up. 

After years of working in the financial and corporate sector, she revitalized her passion for art and resumed painting in the beginning of 2017. Despite being a new artist, Kjomme has already participated in more international exhibitions and her work is collected among art enthusiasts in several countries.

Kjomme mainly paints with acrylics on canvas, but is exploring different techniques and styles in order to develop her own expression. In addition to acrylic paint, she experiences with several mediums like sand, stencils, DGA, tempera and plaster - anything that can give her painting a unique expression.

Kjomme's paintings might not be so easily categorized and are varied and experimental. Kjomme has always travelled a lot and works internationally. Her international spirit can be seen in her work which often focus on relations, collaboration and tolerance among humans - as individuals and as Nations. Her artistic project is to combine different material, techniques and expressions in order to find new perspectives and harmony through experimentation and dynamism. 

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